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      Nantong Yirong Import&Export Trade Co,.Ltd company EPS/EPP mold design, production, sales and service in one, is committed to customers both at home and abroad to provide quality products, first-class service, in Europe and the United States and developed African countries customer, and reputation. We are adhering to the principle of natural trade, and constantly improve our ability to serve customers, and strive to grasp the global trade development trends and industry experience. The company has professional and competent quality and strong sales team, has throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the customers, companies operating in accordance with the modern enterprise system, comprehensive multi class resource advantage, enterprise customers. Through the development, production and sales of high added value products, expand domestic and foreign markets, building a strong resource base for exports, brand strategy, is gradually formed in order to trade as a leader, industry as the foundation, the development potential of the enterprise.
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      Copyright www.jhjufeng.com  Nantong Yi Rong import and export trade Co., Ltd. professional services: mold, machinery, clothing import and export, clothing processing, welcome to inquire!  蘇ICP備15021417號
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